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We met in Cambridge, England and found out we both love making videos and taking photos. Realizing our skills could create something cool, we joined forces and started a video production company in Mielec, Poland. Our mission is simple: we make content for businesses to help them succeed. We're proud to offer high-quality photo and video production services.

Julia Profile



Hi, my name is Julia and I am the owner and filmmaker at DVDIO!
I graduated from Drama and Film studies at the Cambridge School of Art (UK) in 2019. In 2021 I decided to open my own business in Poland, where I specialize in creating digital media for companies.

As a filmmaker, I try to capture and tell stories that move and inspire people in an interesting way.
Whether it's a commercial project, a music video or a short film, I always try to bring client/company ideas to life through visual storytelling.

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Ira Profile
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Bachelor of Arts in Computer Game Arts at Cambridge School of Art (UK).
At DVDIO, I take on multiple roles from the technical side and backend side of 

Some of my main competences includes 2D and 3D design and animation, photography, photo editing and even drone piloting. Our team collaborates through out the whole production start to finish to deliver high quality video.

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Kasia Profile



I graduated from the Faculty of Management at the University of Warsaw. At DVDIO Pro Team, I handle music activities, event organization and production, ensuring top service. I also provide logistical support for concerts and cultural events, prioritizing artists' interests.

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Ira Profile
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